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 Fosqa Masq - Charmix

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PostSubject: Fosqa Masq - Charmix   Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:53 am



Name: Fosqa Masq
Power: Elements
Current Fairy Form: Charmix

Basic Spell List:
Half - Nutrients - Fosqa shoots seedlings at the enemy dealing 5% damage with each. Fosqa can also use this ability to feed plants and animals. (Low)

Half - Protector - Fosqa creates a shield out of ice that blocks enemy attacks. The shield lasts up to 3 minutes and has to rest for 3 minutes before it can be summoned again. (Low)

Sun Gaze - Fosqa raises her hands to summon light rays that can burn the enemy dealing 15% damage. Fosqa can also use this ability to help plants grow. (Medium)

Charmix Spell List:
Earth Focus - Fosqa focuses on her earth abilities and can summon rocks to deal 5% damage with each attack. She can also create an earth cage made out of rocks to trap the enemy for 2 minutes and weaken them by 20%. (Low)

Fire Focus - Fosqa focuses on her fire abilities and can set herself on fire to deal damage to enemies. She can release fire blasts that deal 15% damage each attack. She can also blow fire out of her mouth to deal 20% damage. (Medium)

Water Focus - Fosqa focuses on her water abilities and can turn her arms into water. She can hit the enemies with water to deal 10% damage each attack. She can also create an ice shield that lasts up to 4 minutes. (Medium)

Air Focus - Fosqa focuses on her air abilities and can spin herself into a tornado. The tornado can pick up the enemies and weaken them by 20%  and deal 40% damage to them. However, if Fosqa uses this element the rest of her elements will be weaker for 10 minutes. (High)
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Fosqa Masq - Charmix
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