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 Romeo Telula, Specialist

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PostSubject: Romeo Telula, Specialist   Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:31 pm

Full Name: Romeo Telula
Occupation: Specialist
Affiliation: Red Fountain
Origin: Andros
Relationship Status: Single
Bio/Personality: Romeo is very assertive and confident. A lot of girls think he's attractive, meaning he's let it go to his head. He likes people to feed his ego which can sometimes go wrong for him. Being of Andros royalty, he thinks he is entitled to everything. One positive thing about him though is that he likes learning and can (rarely) admit when he's wrong.
Specialist Weapon: Violet Sword
Weapon Description: The Violet Sword is a bright purple sword that can heavily cut through things. It weighs a lot and it is hard to control, so it requires great skill. When the sword is swung towards an enemy, it releases a purple wave of energy that deals damage.
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Romeo Telula, Specialist
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