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 Stephanie, Fairy of Fashion

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PostSubject: Stephanie, Fairy of Fashion   Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:57 am

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Stephanie

Occupation: Student 

Affiliation: Alfea

Year: 2

Origin: Domino

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

In a relationship with (Boyfriend): Aaron Barker of Domino II

Stephanie is the most preppy and selfish girl you will know. She is the most popular at Alfea but also the most hated, and at the same time the most admired. Did we mention she's also the head cheerleader? She knows the ups and downs of Alfea and knows who's in the cool crowd and who's not. She even has her own squad of minions that follow her around everywhere. She's into fashion and makeup, and anything pink. She is also the smartest in her class and is good at everything. 

Powers: Fashion & Styling

Spell List:

Clutter Vogue - Stephanie summons a bunch of clothes and clutter to hit or drown the enemy dealing damage by 20%. (Low)

Heel of Glamour - Stephanie creates a red shield that is in the form of a high heel and it covers her from her forehead to her knees. (Low)

Fashionista - Stephanie summons a design cloth that she uses to wrap around the enemy and trap them. The spell lasts up to 2 minutes. (Medium)

 Lip Gloss - Stephanie applies some magical lip gloss and blows a kiss at the enemy. When she blows a kiss a strong red wind will blow towards the enemy causing them to fly 6 meters away. (High)
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Stephanie, Fairy of Fashion
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