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 Cheryl, Fairy of Plants

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PostSubject: Cheryl, Fairy of Plants   Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:55 am

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Cheryl

Occupation: Student 

Affiliation: Alfea

Year: 1

Origin: Solaria

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

In a relationship with (Boyfriend): Nobody

Cheryl is very energetic and a bubbly individual, she does not like being bossy and does not like confrontation. She tries her best to keep her friends happy, and appeal to new people. However, Cheryl's always-bubbly personality sometimes makes her really annoying. She even sometimes tries to reason with enemies so they see the positive in life.

Powers: Plants

Spell List:

Ivy Net - Cheryl shoots a string of a ivy vine and it hits the opponent dealing 20% damage. (Low)
Ivy Cage -  Cheryl summons a bunch of vines that wrap and shield her and her allies from head to toe. The shield only lasts for 45 seconds. (Low) 
Carnivarum Plantinum - Cheryl summons a carnivorous plant that has a slim body and big monstrous head. The plant then spits out poison that weakens the enemy by 20% or grips the enemy with it's teeth and dashes them to the side dealing 15% damage. (Medium)
Earthquake Storm - Cheryl focuses all her energy into the palm of her hands releasing green magic sparkles that fall on the battle ground. The ground then trembles and starts to crack releasing ivy plants through it. The plants then start whipping and attacking the enemies dealing 30% damage. (High)
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Cheryl, Fairy of Plants
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