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 MiniWinx Update #1

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PostSubject: MiniWinx Update #1   Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:47 pm

Hey and welcome to Miniwinx Updates! This week we have been working on several Winx Avatar outfits for your roleplay enjoyment! We were also able to convert some of the outfits from the old Winx Club site! You will be able to use the following outfits in the Gardenia Park Roleplay or Winx Club Roleplay! Some of the outfits can either be found around shops in the roleplay or the Diamond Shop. Comment what you think so far about the outfits! Here's the list:

Gothic Dress
Flora Enchantix Dress
Flora Enchantix Shoes
Flora Enchantix Wings
Flora Enchantix Crown
Flora Enchantix Fairy Dust
Stella Bat Hair
Stella Season 2 Casual Dress
Stella Season 2 Casual Heels
Flora Love and Pet Headband
Flora Love and Pet Top
Flora Love and Pet Skirt
Flora Love and Pet Shoes
Stella Charmix Full Outfit
Bloom Charmix Full Outfit
Flora Charmix Full Outfit


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PostSubject: Re: MiniWinx Update #1   Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:57 pm

Love it! Great job vanessa!

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MiniWinx Update #1
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