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 Luna's Wall

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PostSubject: Luna's Wall   Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:13 pm

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Name: Luna
animals, playing online, watching tv, hanging with friendsdrawing (when in the mood), make and creating things(crafts, picture designs, videos, etc), and astronomy(space)
Animal abusers, ignorers, lairs, spiders, fake friends, copiers, slow internet, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms
What are you looking for in a relationship?: 
I want someone who will listen to me and will not ignore me or my messages. I am also looking for someone to encourage me and bring me up in rough times. When I say "I can't do this", they will say, "Yes you can!". I also want someone to actually talk to me and let me speak at some point and not talk to them self for 2 hours while I listen on the other line of the phone without a word spoken. I would also like someone who would actually care for me and don't pretend to do so and someone who would not lie to me. 
Bio/Personality (Optional):

I would think that I am an easy person to get along with but I take things a bit too serious. I am very caring and would think I have a big heart because I love animals and care alot for them and my friends. I don't hang with them because they are my friends and I have to, I do it because I love them. I love to make new friends but I will be shy at first. I also hurt easy. I can get very emotional over something crazy like thinking of the past good memories I had with someone. If I really like someone, I will think of the good times we had then cry or get very upset. If I get ignored one little bit for no reason or for any reason at all, I will also cry for that because I hate getting ignored and toss out onto the streets. If i hear about someone's cat or pet dying or died recently i might cry a little either inside, outside or both. I am a very emotional person at times. Overall, I am a believer, so I believe in things that most people say are not true. I don't talk about it much cause I do not want to be laughed at or called names because of believing in what they think are myths. I tend to be very caring, very loving, and I tend to be a good friend because I tend to look after others and care for them even if they don't care for me.  

Favorite Color (Optional): Bright pink and bright purple
Education (Optional): 
Alfea College for Fairies
Work (Optional): 
Relationship Status (Optional): 
Sexuality (Optional):
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Luna's Wall
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