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 Chanel Sparklelight - None

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PostSubject: Chanel Sparklelight - None   Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:31 am


Name: Chanel Sparklelight
Power: Moon
Current Fairy Form: None
Progress: Expelled from Alfea ---> Not a fairy anymore
Basic Spell List:

Moon Beam
Chanel shoots a beam of light at the target dealing 15% damage. (Low)
Moon Attack
Chanel shoots little blue half moon shaped figures to attack the enemy. This attack is her basic attack and deals 10% damage for each attack. The spell has a cooldown of around 30 seconds. (Medium)
Sparkle Shield
Chanel magically summons a puff of moon dust protecting her from attacks depending on the enemy. (Low)
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Chanel Sparklelight - None
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