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 Stormy, Witch of Storms

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PostSubject: Stormy, Witch of Storms   Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:48 am

Full Name: Stormy
Occupation: Witch
Affiliation: Cloud Tower/ Trix/ Darkar/ Valtor/ Ancestral Witches/ Tritannus/ Selina/ Brafilius
Current Form: Fusion with Fairy Animals
In a relationship with: Single
Bio/Personality: Stormy's personality matches her theme, hair, name, and eagerness. She is very quick to anger and rage, out of the three sisters and is the master when it comes to things like grudges. To the point of even disguising herself and enduring hours of pointlessness just to make sure her revenge is met. She secretly believes she is the strongest, but even then she is usually tormented by Icy whenever she gets the chance or just feels like harassing her older sisters.
Powers: Thunder/Storm
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Stormy, Witch of Storms
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