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 Gravity Falls: The next Summer

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PostSubject: Gravity Falls: The next Summer   Sat Mar 19, 2016 8:59 pm

Based off the mystery themed show Gravity Falls.

Dipper and Mabel take the bus to Gravity Falls. As the bus moves both twins scream. The bus slowly stops as the twins run out of the bus and into the mysterious town..Gravity Falls. "I AM SOOO HAPPY!!!" Mabel shouted with joy. "Ah...Summer break a time for solving mysteries and helping the town folk.." Dipper said as he dragged Mabel to the Mystery Shack. The twins walked in. Both Grunkles returned. "GRUNKLE STAN AND GRUNKLE FORD!!!" The twins shouted. The old men chuckled. The two twins ran into their room. All three journals were present on Dipper's bed. Unicorn hair was on Mabel's bed. "But how? Bill burned the journals.." Dipper said surprised. WOOHOO!! UNICORN HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!" Mabel shouted. But then......the room turned black and white. Dipper and Mabel turn around and they scream. "Bill!" Dipper yelled. "Pine Tree, Shooting Star! I told you i'd return.." Bill said as the Bill Cipher wheel surrounded his triangular body each symbol is highlighted and he dissapears. "I hate that dorrito!" Mabel said.
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Gravity Falls: The next Summer
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