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 Saladin, Headmaster of Red Fountain!

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PostSubject: Saladin, Headmaster of Red Fountain!   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:47 am

Full Name: Headmaster Saladin
Occupation: Headmaster of Red Fountain
Affiliation: Red Fountain / The Company of Light (Broken Up)
Bio/Personality: Saladin is a very wise and calm person. He also cares about his students and is willing to help them when needed. He is however, not afraid to scold them. He is also very protective of the school and will always put the school first when in danger. Saladin's main points of attack are mostly based off of his wizard powers although he does know how to fight with specialist weapons.
Powers: Mostly his Wizard Staff
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Saladin, Headmaster of Red Fountain!
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