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 Potions Lab

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PostSubject: Potions Lab   Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:17 pm

Welcome to the Potions Lab, here Aisha will be able to help you brew up any of the potions below. Potions are sometimes needed for missons or making potions can help you increase your fairy power.

Kiris - With the mixture of 2 Xalia plants, 1 petal from a Driftia plant, and 1 sprinkle of Starlium dust you will be able to create a magical chemical reaction from the potion. (1 real life minute to make)
Spellacis - With 2 Stiria plants and a Water Lore spell you will be able to create a Spellacis potion. When the potion is used on a person their offensive spells deal 5% more damage. (2 real life minutes to make)
Hithellis -  Cut a Folis plant into 10 pieces and put them into a brewing pot, then add a Water Lore and Earth Lore spell, you will then have to mix, and add 1 petal from an Xalia plant to create a Hithellis plant that can transform anyone into a frog. (3 real life minutes to make)
Omnibia - With 2 Driftia plants, 1 Water Lore Spell, and 2 Folis plants you will have to combine the ingredients into the brewing pot and mix them together to create a the Omnibia potion which can grant anyone super speed powers. (4 real life minutes to make)
Jinxi - You will need a rare plant, 1 Water Lore Spell, 1 Earth Lore Spell, 1 Techno Spell, 2 petals from an Xalia plant, 1 petal from a Driftia plant to create a Jinxi potion which makes the person hate the first person they see. (6 real life minutes to make)
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Potions Lab
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