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 Ronda, Alfea Student!

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PostSubject: Ronda, Alfea Student!   Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:16 pm

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Ronda

Occupation: Student 

Affiliation: Alfea

Year: 2

Origin: Earth (India)

Current Fairy Form: No transformation

In a relationship with (Boyfriend): Single

Ronda is a very calm and peaceful individual. Back at her home on Earth her city in India was known for being one of the most peaceful and respectful places in the world so that definitely rubbed off on her. She doesn't like drama and she is a straight A student. 

Powers: Morphix/Metamorphosis

Spell List:

Power of Shapes - Ronda shoots a beam of shapes made of  morphix and it damages the opponent by 10%. (Low)
Shield of Morphix-  Ronda creates a shield that is colored in purple and it covers her from her forehead to her knees. (Low)
Metamorphosis - Ronda is able to transform herself into any object or animal. (Medium)
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Ronda, Alfea Student!
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