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 Midge, Fairy of Energy!

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PostSubject: Midge, Fairy of Energy!   Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:59 pm

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Midge

Occupation: Student 

Affiliation: Alfea

Year: 2

Origin: Eraklyon

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

In a relationship with (Boyfriend): Cody Baxter

Midge is fiesty,sassy, and never afraid to say whatever's on her mind. She'll tell you if she likes your or not straight to your face. She's very athletic and is a great competitor. She always strives for number 1 and has an independent personality. You will always catch her in her Alfea volleyball team uniform as she is the 2nd best volleyball player at Alfea after Krystal.

Powers: Energy

Spell List:

Wrath of Energy - Midge shoots a beam of energy and it damages the opponent by 20%. (Low)
Magic Barrier -  Midge creates a shield that is colored in gold and it covers her from her forehead to her knees. (Low)
Energy Ring - Midge creates a gold ring of magical energy and traps the enemy in it causing them not to be able to move or attack. The ring lasts for a minute. (Medium)
 Energy BallMidge creates a ball of energy and shoots it at the enemy dealing 25% damage. (High)
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Midge, Fairy of Energy!
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