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 Amaryl, Fairy of Stars!

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PostSubject: Amaryl, Fairy of Stars!   Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:59 am

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Amaryl

Occupation: Student 

Affiliation: Alfea

Year: 3 (Graduated)

Origin: Solaria

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

In a relationship with (Boyfriend): James Potter

Amaryl comes off sometimes as cold and unwelcoming sometimes but she's actually really sweet and kind when you get close to her. She loves fashion and her favorite hobby is cheerleading. She also has a very healthy relationship with her boyfriend James, who is at Red Fountain.

Powers: Stars

Spell List:

Light Blast - Amaryl shoots a ray of light and damages the enemy by 20%. (Low)
Shield of Stars - Amaryl creates a orange shield that has yellow stars floating around it and it covers her from her forehead to her knees. (Low)
Frisbee - Amarayl creates a star with the tip of her finger and throws it at the enemy like a frisbee. It deals 15% damage. (Medium)
 Super Shine - Amarayl shines and releases a ball of energy to the enemy dealing 25% damage. (High)
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Amaryl, Fairy of Stars!
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