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 Girl Meets World

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PostSubject: Girl Meets World   Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:33 pm

So in this (kinda) new roleplay we all live in New York we all go to John Quincy Adams middle school. Im kinda making it like Girl Meets World but you dont if you dont want to ^.^ Anyways im guessing middle school ages would be 11-14 so yep! The oc sheet thingy for being in the roleplay appears RIGHT NOW! Oh and also we can begin when we get atleast 3!

Age (11-14):
Little Sister/Brother:
Best Friend:

Heres mine:
Name: Jenna
Age (11-14): 11
Little Sister/Brother: Jacob
Best Friend: Gracie
Personallity: Jenny is very bubbly and creative! She loves to learn! She never lets the bullys get to her!
Appearance: Jeny has blonde hair in a braid. She wears a neon pink polka dot shirt. She wears a dark blue skirt. She wears white school shoes. She also has glasses.
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Girl Meets World
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