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 Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!

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PostSubject: Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!   Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:03 am

Full Name: Crown Princess Daphne/ Professor Daphne
Occupation: Crown Princess of Domino/ Nymph of Sirenix/ Nymph of Domino/ Nymph of Magix/ Magic History teacher of Alfea
Affiliation: Alfea / Domino/ Infinite Ocean
In a Relationship with: Thoren (Husband)
Daphne is Bloom's older sister, and the elder daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion of Domino Before, she is also the last-known fairy to have acquired Sirenix before the Winx.
She is the spirit of an extremely powerful nymph, bound to the bottom of Lake Roccalucce in Magix, as she was "killed" (actually cursed) sixteen years before the Winx Club group was created when the Ancestral Witches destroyed her world and returned to Domino after it was successfully restored.
Powers: Elements of Sirenix (Fire,Water,Air,Earth)
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Daphne, Nymph of Sirenix!
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