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 Lgendarium Creatures: Ghosts of Christmas

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Ghosts of Christmas

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PostSubject: Lgendarium Creatures: Ghosts of Christmas   Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:38 am

Full Name: Ghosts of Christmas/ Chirstmas Ghosts

Affiliation: Legendarium

History: A few chapters in the Legendarium tell the stories of forgotten planet in the Magic Dimension which was haunted by ghosts each Christmas. Children would wait for Santa Claus to come but a crowd of bewitching ghosts would come instead. Instead of giving gifts, the ghosts would take away precious things from individuals.

Powers: Snow

Health: 50/50 hp per each Christmas Ghost

Basic Attack - A Christmas Ghost spits out a string of ice cold snow that deals 6% damage with each hit. 
Blizzard Attack - A Christmas Ghost summons a series of snowflakes creating a blizzard towards the target, this cause the target to fly away from the ghost.
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Lgendarium Creatures: Ghosts of Christmas
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